Hybrid Work From Home Plan

Irwin IP encourages a healthy work-life balance for all our attorneys and staff. Although extensive hours are often necessary to complete tasks and achieve desired case outcomes, we look for opportunities and encourage taking time off to recharge. We want our firm to be a place where everyone enjoys working and where everyone is proud to work. 

Despite the tragedy of COVID-19, it provided a silver lining by showcasing the effectiveness of remote work. As restrictions ease, we continue to embrace and appreciate the advantages of working from home, recognizing its value in maintaining productivity and flexibility. Irwin IP implemented a hybrid work from home plan which not only provides valuable in person time at the office, but also convenient and beneficial remote work.

Specifically, during the spring, summer and fall—when there are few places better to be than downtown Chicago—we all work in the office Monday–Thursday but then have the option to work from home on Fridays.  During these months, we work together, engage in training programs, meet friends and colleagues for lunches and dinners, host our summer program, meet up after work along the river to relax, do team sports, and meet bi-monthly for our Firm trivia night.  Through this in-person time, we get to know each other well, foster mentorship, provide feedback, and improve our connections as a firm.

When the weather turns cold and the holidays are approaching, rather than fighting the freezing temperatures, snow, ice and salt, we work from the comfort of our home, or wherever we chose.  From Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day we are on a full remote schedule, allowing employees the option to come to the office, but not requiring employees to be in the office during those months. 

Even before this post-COVID hybrid schedule was put in place, the firm had advocated occasionally working from home so long as it did not negatively impact productivity. 

Beyond the Hybrid work schedule that the firm has put in place, further working from home and other special accommodations get approved on a case-by-case basis by supervisors.