Careers at Irwin IP

Summer Associates

We view our summer associates as valuable members of our firm.  Our program is designed to quickly integrate summer associates into our teams by giving them real assignments, not just research projects or “busy work.”  Our summer associates have prepared senior attorneys for depositions, prepared first drafts of various discovery and dispositive motions, and coordinated directly with expert witnesses.  We are selective in our summer associate hiring with the expectation that each summer associate will ultimately join our firm upon graduating from law school. 

If you are looking for a summer associate position that will (1) help you develop your knowledge; (2) hone your skills as you dive into the thick of exciting intellectual property litigation cases; (3) provide an opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced litigators; and (4) enable meaningful interaction with a team that is getting a case ready for trial, consider Irwin IP. 

Please send your resume and transcripts to [email protected].  Feel free to include a letter if necessary to explain your technical qualifications. 

Junior Attorneys

Because we staff our matters leanly, Irwin IP junior attorneys are second or third chairing cases from the moment they pass the bar exam.  We expect and receive high level work product from our junior attorneys, recognizing there is often a steep learning curve from law school to practicing attorney.

Irwin IP is always excited to help any young attorney get their feet wet in the world of IP. Junior attorneys with a J.D. earned from an ABA accredited law school, admittance to the state and federal bara passion for litigation, patent law, trademarks, and copyright should submit their resume or CV.  

Mid-Level Attorneys

Our mid-level attorneys are both students and teachers, mentors and mentees.  They second and first chair their cases, appear in court, take and defend depositions, and directly work with clients and expert witnesses.  Our mid-level attorneys enjoy autonomy in their work, which helps them grow their client relationships and skill sets.

Irwin IP is seeking a mid-level attorney with the following qualifications: a J.D. earned from an ABA accredited law school; admittance to the state and federal bar; at least five years IP litigation experience, including trial lead or second chair responsibilities; and prior experience in taking and defending discovery and expert witness depositions. The ideal candidate will be a high performer with five to ten years of litigation experience, ideally in intellectual property matters with admission to USPTO being preferred. 

Senior Attorneys

Senior attorneys at Irwin IP run their own cases, manage their own clients, and supervise the mid-level and junior attorneys working on their matters.  To succeed as a senior attorney at the firm, an attorney must take initiative and ownership of all aspects of a case, be accountable to clients, and, of course, provide excellent legal service.

We are always looking for an experienced senior attorney to join our team.  The ideal candidate has a J.D. earned from an ABA accredited law school, admittance to the state and federal bar, previous trial experience, be able to manage a heavy caseload, – and uses their general counsel experience and various skills to mentor our lower-level associates.  If this sounds like an opportunity that is ideal for you, please contact us today. Senior attorney candidates should have more than 8 years of experience in Intellectual Property or a related field. 


At Irwin IP, our talented staff includes paralegals, case assistants, and executive assistants, who are responsible for a diverse range of responsibilities.  Their main objective is supporting the attorneys while ensuring a smooth-running office and, ultimately, a satisfied client base.  To succeed as a staff member at Irwin IP, you must be a team player with strong time management skills, be able to multitask, and be excited to learn new skills based on the ever-changing needs of the firm.

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