ITC Rules In Favor of Irwin IP Client

Irwin IP is delighted to announce two ITC rulings in favor of our client, LKQ Corporation.  These investigations were two of the largest cases in the ITC’s recent history, with LKQ prevailing on all 41 design patents asserted by Hyundai and Kia.  In its rulings, the ITC agreed with Irwin IP’s position that neither Hyundai nor Kia could establish a domestic industry to be protected by the ITC.  These wins are not only important to LKQ but also impact consumers who will continue to have the ability to purchase aftermarket automotive parts.

LKQ and Keystone Automotive Industries are represented by Barry F. Irwin, Michael Bregenzer, Jason Keener and Robyn Bowland

Read the full decisions here:

337-1291 Commission Opinion

337-1292 Commission Opinion

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