Irwin IP Obtains Major Win in Oasis Case

Irwin IP is pleased to announce that on March 11, 2021, Honorable Robert W. Gettleman entered an Order awarding Irwin IP client Oasis Legal Finance Operating Company, LLC (“Oasis”) approximately $3.1 million for attorneys’ fees and nontaxable costs (the full amount requested) against Oasis’s former CEO, Gary Chodes; his business associate; and his personally-held entities (collectively, “Chodes”). In awarding Oasis its fees and costs, Judge Gettleman noted the exceptional nature of Chodes’ infringement and the frivolous litigation positions taken by Chodes. The court also noted that it “thoroughly reviewed plaintiff’s timesheets and finds no reason to reduce the fees requested.” Barry Irwin, Lisa Holubar, and Adam Reis were the key Irwin IP attorneys who worked to obtain this win and we congratulate them on a fantastic result. This latest decision follows three previous decisions in Oasis’ favor: A Summary Judgment on Ownership Issues, A Summary Judgment on Infringement, and A Maximum Statutory Damage Award.